BIC : Amazing Owned Media

Challenge :

Promote online the launch of the new male shaver BIC Flex3 and its smooth glide in Europe

Owned Media : the bicflexperience

A viral video « WTF ! Insane human curling », features a freshly shaved human curling champion gliding on his stomach to reach a target marked on ice.

As the film ends, for the first time, You Tube turns into a move-sensitive video game platform.

Your webcam detects your moves and you become a human curling sweeper.

The best performing players can win a stay in an ice hotel in Sweden.

You can also join the Facebook page directly on Youtube.

Earned Media :

after 3 weeks,

950 000 views

100 000 players

6 000 + Facebook shares

national TV news coverage (3100 online articles)

in December 2011 :

2 286 000 views on Youtube

1 200 000 players





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