Media brand’s performance 2010 in the POE era

In  terms of “Media Performance Globale” or total exposure, the winners in France in our “MPG POE Barometer” were the main digital and tv brands :

Google number 1,

2nd, Facebook

3rd, TF1

5th, 6th, 7th and 10th :  M6, France 2 and Canal + and Microsoft

their Owned Media score  driving the performance, except for :

– Facebook which was topping the list in terms of Earned Media with 36 %

– Canal +, media brand leader in Paid Media with an outstanding 79 %

The radio brands ranked in the middle of the 125 brands list with a dominant Owned Media score,

Regarding the press brands, if they’re in the second part of the ranking in terms of exposure, they present a more balanced media profile with more or less equivalent Owned and Paid media score and even more interesting, an Earned Media score above the average of the total brands and TV, digital, radio sectors as well, demonstrating their power to generate word of mouth and conversations.

Assuming the fact that Earned Media performance is directly correlated with the innovation power of the brands (cf Twitter, Citroën, Ikea, Apple, Orange, Lacoste, Coca Cola, Canal +…) it shows how strong these press media brands are perceived by their communities and how the hard work they’re doing at transforming themselves in the digital era is starting to be perceived…demonstration that Paid Media works even for media.

So last word regarding Media Brands into the POE Media era could be given to William Randolph Hearst :

“Putting out a newspaper without promotion is like winking at a girl in the dark well-intentioned, but ineffective.”

Should be working for TV, radio, magazines, websites …as well


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