POE Story Chrysler 2011 : ”Home Owned” Media

POE Story Chrysler 2011 : ”Home Owned” Media


Detroit, world capital of the automotive…Head Quarters of the big three…manufacturing belt became the rusting belt…

Prius is the new star car. American people are proud to drive asian (Sting,
Leonardo Di Caprio, Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba)

In 50 years, the town lost 1 million inhabitants

In 2005, one-third of the population lived below poverty line and Chrysler historical  american brand goes bankrupt in 2009

2009 : The historical american brand becomes an italian brand

Identity loss ? And the heritage ?

Fiat didn’t sacrifice the legacy and reconnected Chrysler with  “sweet home Detroit”, preempting a phenomenal brand Owned media potential. (Chrysler is not more legitimate than Ford or General Motors in Detroit).


Owned Media Detroit :

Smart use of the city and it’s american values (patriotism, family, work)

The cradle of a lot of stars (Eminem, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, the White Stripes, Francis Ford Coppola…)

A big guest star : the native son, Eminem (bridge between yesterday and today)

And other stars of Detroit :

Ndamukong Suh, Detroit’s Lions’ football player

John Varvatos, Detroit’s createur, former Art Director of Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren

A shop about the ad : posters, t-shirts, caps, stickers…

Chrysler is the new talent scout of Detroit => Presentation of Detroit stars on YouTube (music, sport…)

A customised logo



Paid Media :

A new car : the 200

A new ad : 2’’ “Eminem” spot during the 2011 Super Bowl Finale

The most expensive ad of the Super Bowl

111.000.000 televiewers


Earned Media :

In the Top 10 during 3 weeks, Back on chart 4 months later

+110.000 Fans Facebook

+11.800.000 Views YouTube

+6.000 Followers Twitter

2 times more buzz than Lexus and Cadillac in the USA in May 2011

Top 10 Viral Video Ads Chart by Adage


Hijacked media :

A6 spot aired on the Internet in May 2011

Pure Detroit , launched “Imported From Detroit” t shirts and merchandising



Increased sales by 22% in april 2011 /2010 !!!

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